«Tim the Fox – Travel» is presented to your attention!

Hooray! We’ve finally released our long-awaited game “Tim the Fox – Travel” on all platforms. Tim is waiting for you in AppStore, Google Play and Windows Store.

Tim the Fox’s Travel is a fun, colorful game in which the player helps a little fox get ready for his journey, overcome challenges such as navigating overgrown thickets and crossing rivers, find his way out of tricky mazes, solve math problems, and complete other interesting objectives. During his magical journey Tim the Fox will meet good friends, explore locations such as a sunny clearing and a sandy shore, exercise by loading vegetables, and play tunes on a flute one note at a time.


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The game is designed to help kids develop logic, memory, math skills, attention span, and spatial awareness. It’s perfect for 5-8-year-olds, from preschoolers to first- and second-graders.

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Develop your skills and have fun with the Fox =)

Have a good travel! We will waiting for your ratings and reviews.

Tim The Fox – Travel — AppStore
Tim The Fox – Travel – Google Play
Tim The Fox – Travel – Windows Store