Starting creation of Windows phone app for children

Having received confirmation from the AppCampus we are now starting creation of our first Windows Phone game.

It is absolutely clear that all children grow up differently. But as a usual at the age of 3-4 a child starts playing story games, recognizing characters. He has his favorite fairy tales, toys and makes up situations with them.
For some reason most pad games do not pay attention to this fact. There are lots of puzzles, colourings, etc. but they are not linked by one plot and do not set any tasks. Meanwhile children enjoy achieving tasks and winning prizes.
That is why we decided to create a character who will get stuck all the time and ask for help.
And we are glad to present this character, Tim The Fox! Here he is!

Tim the Fox

P.s. We would not have given up this idea even if the AppCampus replied negatively to us